by Ron Dresser
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Gathered here are a few programs and Javascripts that I have written that I am releasing as freeware.
Use them as you will.

Programs Javascripts
Trical - TriCal is a formula, expression and conversion calculator.
- builtin formulas for electricity, fuel, trigonometry, etc.
- oodles of conversions
- easily expanded
Words - Crossword and word puzzle helper
- over 173,000 words
- enter pattern for word lists
- anagrams, meta-characters to represent letters, vowels, etc.
Comp - Text file compare
- highlight differences
- differences only
- optional hex display, settable sync depth
SpinEdit - SpinEdit is a control for numbers.
- methods, properties and events
- small and large increments
- sizeable
Details and Download Instructions
Anagram - Show anagrams
- 4-8 character words
- displays list of valid anagrams
Details and Download Instructions
Lotto - Lottery number picker
- requires SpinEdit
- select n numbers from m
Details and Download Instructions
Color Picker
- requires SpinEdit
- foreground/background
- rgb, hex
Details and Download Instructions
- decimal, hex, octal and binary
- radians/degrees
- trig functions, memory, etc.
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